Tribes Ascend Xp hack by Everg0n - Free Download

  • Tribes Ascend Xp hack
  • Are you bored of farming xp to unlock new class or you dont have xp for new weapon ?
  • It's very hard to farm for example 100 000 xp to buy new weapon . For me it was almost impossible i get so far 40 000xp before I started playing Tribes Ascend

  •  It's your choice if you want to use xp hack in game.Remember it's illegal action and your account might be banned , but finally i can play characters with weapons worth 100 000xp which is really enormous amount in my opinion.

  • To hack server side xp in Tribes Ascend you must log into game , then minimalize it (alt+tab) and open tribes Ascend hack by everg0n.
  • (at the first page of hack menu you have quick intruction how to use it .)
  • then choose "xp hack" from hack menu and you see "open"button , click it.The window with task manager will appear and find there tribesascend.exe ,double click on it . after that put amount of xp to hack ( for example 100 000) and click "hack xp" and it's all . Now you can buy everything you want , but all hacked xp are dissapearing after game exit , so you must spend it before you exit game .For example you hacked 100 000 , then buy a weapon you want and this weapon is your forever , but if you hacked 100 000 and then exit game , after login that 100 000xp will dissapear .