Tribes Ascend Hack - Aimbot - Premium Cracked hack for Free

  • Tribes Ascend premium Aimbot hack now cracked and available for free !
  •  Tribes Ascend premium cracked hack . 
  • To run hack log into game first and minimalize it with alt+tab buttons combination
  • Open hack 
  • Choose your hack options and click start
  • To open hack menu in game press "backspace"

  • There is only aimbot mode option , but aimbot is working really great . You should use "soldier" class or "engineering" with his gun . Aimbot is working with all classes but for example if you are using spinfusors you will sometimes .
  • Remember you are using hacks on your own risk , I dont care about banned accounts
  • Dont tell other players you are using hack , they might report you and it's almost everytime perma account ban