Core Games Dekaron Private server Hacks by Everg0n

  • Core Games Dekaron Private server Hack by Everg0n
  • Core Games Dekaron Hacks - Multihack and Dil hack
  • Core Games Dekaron : The Answer Hack
  • To run multihack you need to login into game first , hack is safe because it dont need your login or password , it's also undetected by Gms but other players might report you 
  •  After login minimalize game or play in window , now open dekaron hack by everg0n , on the first site you see intruction 
  •  Click "Hack menu" and you see hack option and "open" button . Click that button and the taks manager window will appear . Find there "dekaron.exe" process and double click on it .
  • Next choose hacks you want to use by checking it , if you are ready click "start" and hacks are running

  • As you see there is also dil hack , to use it do the same action with opening process but here you need to put amount of dils to hack and after that click "hack dils" button and serverside/tradeable dils are on your account
  • IMPORTANT !  Hacked Dils are tradeable and you can spend it on whatever you want as normal dils but hacked dils are dissapearing after game exit , to avoid accounts ban . That means you need to spend it before you exit game , bought items by "fake" dils are on your account forever.